I started off as primarily a hookah smoker and have smoked cigars on and off for years. The most memorable time being when I went to the cigar shop knowing nothing and bought some Fuentes to take with me to an outdoor Tom Petty concert during my senior year of high school, I may have been dumb, but I guess I knew the good stuff at a young age. However, I hadn’t become a dedicated cigar smoker really until I had moved to Tulsa from my native Chicago in 2012 for a job and my brother Mike set me up with my first humidor and a box of Fuente Hemingways as a going away/good riddance present. While in Tulsa, I met Drew, who everyone thought was my brother, and my cigar obsession really took off.  I started the cigar line Patina and have taken this to a full time position in the cigar industry. We hope that you join us in our little part of the world and take part in our passion for good cigars and even better company. Our motto is, no matter the cigar, it’s always better with good company and good banter, bring your A game.


I have been smoking cigars on and off since 2001. I have grown to love a stronger cigar and I normally enjoy it with a ginger ale, Dr. Pepper or coffee. I probably couldn’t tell you where all the parts of my favorite cigars came from but I can help you find what you like and hopefully provide a little humor along the way. (I also enjoy some hookah every now and then with friends on the patio) I met Mo in March of 2013 and when we had pretty much the same taste in cigars. It’s kind of a life rarity to find someone else that is really just like yourself. When me and Mo get together for a cigar the gloves come off and the good times are had by all who join us. If you ever get to hang out with us be careful as we do tend to give everyone a hard time and everyone gets a nickname. I work a full time regular job as a Logistics Manager for a Tulsa based company, on the evenings and weekends you can sometimes find me at one of the many cigars shops in the Tulsa area or just hanging out with friends and family on the patio enjoying a cigar.