Cigar strength rating system

The time has come to unveil our strength rating system. Please remember that everyone’s rating is relative, what might be strong for you may not be for a friend, family, and other loved ones or vice versa. We will give our strength ratings on cigars going forward and you can adjust according to your personal preferences. Our scale is on a 1-4 basis with 1 being a “is this thing even lit?” cigar and 4 being “you might want to grab a garbage can and pull it beside you” cigar. We have also bestowed upon each rating a name of an actor/actress whom are known as cigar smokers/enthusiasts. Since Bruce is the only one of the bunch to never have graced the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine, he gets the short stick. Without further ado, the Sultans of Smoke present our strength scale:

1. Bruce Willis – This rating would include black & milds, Aging Room, and a bunch of other stuff we probably wouldn’t smoke. Now with that being said, there are quite a few cigars we like that will fall into this category simply because our strength tolerance has been built up over time.

2. Demi Moore – This is the level where you start to get some good milder cigars like some Cubans or like the San Cristobal Revelation I reviewed the other day.

3. Sylvester Stallone – At the Sly level you get the more full body cigars that pack a little punch. Examples would include LFD Oro 6, San Cristobal Papagayo, and the Luchador by Leccia.

Cigar rating system

After very careful consideration we have decided on a suitable rating system for the cigars we smoke. Being fans of both Arnold and Stallone the rating system is as follows.

10 Escape plan
9 Rocky IV
8 Expendables
7 Rambo
6 Sabotage
5 Bullet to the head
4 T2
3 Arnold’s governorship
2 Kindergarten Cop
1 Get Carter

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